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Sunday, February 6, 2005

I have changed my blog. NEW URL: LinK

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I checked your real japanese name generator!

My japanese name is "Yamashita Michiyo" LOL Family name, Yamashita is OK, coz YamaPi's family name also Yamashita. But Michoyo... dasai!! (not cool). Michiyo is not young Japanese girl's name.
Ok, if you wanna chack your real Japanese name, visit the website!
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Saturday, October 9, 2004

Happy Birthday Dear Hiroshi Nagano!!

Today is Hiroshi's 32th BD. Omedetou!!

I watched Music Station Special on TV yesterday. V6 was not a guest, but Koichi sang a new song. Music station announced "Love Song Ranking Best100". Ummm... there was not V6 songs. There were some KinKi and SMAP's songs. Actually, I really like "mou kimi igai aisenai" from KinKi.

OK, here are my LOVE SONG BEST5!!

1. Ai no Melody(V6)
2. Ai nanda(V6)
3. Mou kimi igai aisenai(KinKi Kids)
4. I'm proud (Tomomi Kahara)

I will meet my friends (Inocchi fan) on Oct9, but typhoon will come in Japan...

Monday, September 27, 2004

I am too late..., anyway,
Happy 10th anniversarry Dear TOKIO!!!

Actually, I hardly know TOKIO musics. hehe. I like Love Love Manhattan. My favorite TOKIO members was Mabo before, but now I like leader and Taichi. Because leader is very funny and Taichi is cute. I am not sure I say Taichi is cute, coz he is 30years old now. He looks younger.

Thanks for joining in PENPAL PROJECT. Lots of Johnny's fans are participating in penpal project. Eri and I will start the penpal project together soon. Ohyes, it is collaborate^^ I will send e-mail when the project starts.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

It is Penpal Project.

Penpal Project

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Here is my English text book. It costs 350yen (=.5) per a month. I think it is cheap. Usually, if we improve our English skill, we go to English school or something. I went to English school before, but it was very expensive, about 5000yen - 10000yen ( - 0) per a month. I had 4 English classes a month. So, I studied English 4 hours a month before. Too short? Now, I study English at least 15 minutes a day. I really want to improve my English. Tel me how to study English. I prefer to learn English with fun.

BTW, I am watching "Marusa!" now. It is Ken-kun's dorama. OHyes, it is interesting. Ken-kun is so cute :) Ken who wears suits is cool. But I prefer cute Ken-chan. He is 25years, but he looks younger. I think he is the cutest boy among other 25years old males.

Recently, I write short stories about V6. They are written in Japanese. I cannot be able to write novels in English. Actually, I do want to write novels in English.*sigh*

Welcome to my blog*^^* Oh, you are V6 fan too? I am a big fan of V6, especially tonisen. Yoroshiku ne. Thank you :)

Monday, September 13, 2004

I watched Sumo (=Japanese traditional sports) on TV. There was Ken chan. Of course, he did not work at Ryogoku Hall. He watched sumo with unknown man. He looked like 40 or 50years old. I don't think he is Ken's father, because I heard Ken does not have his father. Maybe he is Ken's friend, stuff or someone's father?? If he is one of V6 member's father (except Ma-kun's father, coz the man hairstyle was not punch perm. Ma-kun's father's hairstyle is punchi perm.) I think it is fun^^;;

Ken wore orenge T-shirts, but he didn't disguise at all, for example, he didn't wear hat or glasses.

BTW, Inocchi went to SAIPAN yesterday by himself. It was too short trip. I read his diary, he didn't play at Saipan. He read many books, and of course, he read "Humble Boy" script. I am so envy of him. I wish I go to there with him. Haha^^;; Inocchi was very busy because of summer V6 concerts, school reports and exams. He need some rest.

I have started to read "FLY, DADDY, FLY" yesterday. Ohyes, it is Okada's film original story. It is an interesting story. I am looking forward to wathing the movie.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Long time no see! I went to Osaka Dream and Summer Dream on Aug. I will write the reports about the concerts later.

I watched P-kies today. Inocchi worked at the Maritime Safety Agency for a day. At first, he did push-ups. Usually, he does push-ups before concerts etc. But this time was more hard, I think. He was soaked with sweat.

Then he tried to swim 25 meters without breathe. He tried to swim 2 times, but he was not able to swim 25 meters, he stood up at about 20 meters. What a shame! When he stood up, someone (a person who works at the Maritime Safety Agency) threw water in the Inocchi's face and body. *What a pity*! He can swim, but it is soooooo hard to swim with no breathe. When I watched it, Inocchi is so cool! *Good luck, Inocchi*!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I went to Dianne website and I imitate her ranking. Ok, let me list the rank of Johnny's from V6 and Kinki. I don't know about Jr or News well.

1. Yoshihiko Inohara(V6)
2. Masayuki Sakamoto(V6)
3. Junichi Okada(V6)
4. Hiroshi Nagano(V6)
5. Tsuyoshi Domoto(KinKi Kids)
6. Koichi Domoto(KinKi Kids)
7. Go Morita(V6)
8. Ken Miyake(V6)

I borrowed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in English version at the library. The pages are too long!!! I don't know whether I can read it or not. Japanese version will be sold in September, but it is very expensive. It costs 4200yen () to buy it. I want to improve my English and don't have money, so I decided to read it in English.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Long time no see:) I didn't update my blog last month. I'm a very lazy person. Anyway, I decided to update my blog many times. For me, I must improve English until Augest. Because I will go to V6 concerts with HK pal. I'm looking forward to meeting my pal. But there is a problem. I am worried about my English. My English isn't enough yet. Especially, I'm poor at speaking and listening. I really want to know how to improve English as soon as possible. If you have good ideas, pls tell me.

"Gakkou e ikou" was very funny and there was a new project. The title is "Shittaka-bu". V6 members discussed about "tankini". Tankini means a swimsuit for women. Go, Inocchi and Hiroshi didn't know tankini, so they pretended to know it. Inocchi said, "I'm attracted by tankini." OMG, Inocchi wanted to wear tankini, hah? I can't imagine, but I think Inocchi will be able to wear it. I heard he wore the swimsuit for school girls in the concert before. Of course it was joke. Finally, Go, Hiroshi and Inocchi found it.



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